Validate Me

"Hey, mom! We got our project marks back today", I buzzed excitedly, shrugging off my bag and joining her at the dining table. "That's nice dear, she replied, barely glancing up from her phone. A moment of silence passed, and I looked at her impatiently. "Well?" "What sweetie?" she mumbled, still tapping away on her … Continue reading Validate Me


Ali Collins was what most would call an "all-rounder". She was smart, beautiful, and talented. This girl could slack off all semester yet still ace every paper. Could she draw? Like Picasso. Could she sing? Like an angel. Sure, she wasn't Miss Popular. But she didn't need a whole room of admirers to boost her … Continue reading Attention

The Genesis

Hi there. My name's not Tiffanie, but that's all I'm telling you for now. It's my pen name. And this blog is just gonna be me sharing my honest thoughts and ideas in the way I love most. Short stories. Occasionally there will be other things thrown on here, but most of the time, it's gonna … Continue reading The Genesis