Dear Insomnia

So here’s a little something I wrote a while ago one night when I found it literally impossible to fall asleep. I don’t really know much about insomnia, but I do know it’s not a joke. Maybe I’ll read up about it more in the future I really don’t know.

For now, enjoy.

Dear Insomnia,

I don’t know if we’ve met. I believe we have, but not formally.
So here goes.
My name’s Tiffanie, and for quite a while now, I’ve been finding it hard to go to sleep.
Maybe it’s because I use gadgets excessively. Or maybe it’s because I always give myself useless tasks.
But sometimes, and I think you’re well aware of this, I just. Can’t. Sleep.

I’m curious though. Have you been trying to tell me something? It’s okay to be straightforward with me because I don’t like these mind tricks.
Tell me, Insomnia. Have you moved in? Are you trying to take control??
Or am I the one with the problem? The addiction to bright LED screens? The obsessive compulsion to always find something to do?

Tell me up front if there’s an issue. I may not like confrontation that much, but I’d take it over restlessness any day.

I don’t want to be too tired to do what I love. I’m already struggling in that area thanks to Anxiety.
But if I don’t know that there’s an issue for sure, then there’s really nothing I can do.

So please. I know it’s your nature, but don’t be silent this time around.

I’ll be waiting for an answer.
Yours sincerely,


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