Hi there.

I see you’ve stumbled across my blog. Even more so, you’re interested in me – the person behind the words. And I think that’s fantastic.

There’s not much to me on the surface but beneath my 17-year-old-female exterior, there’s only someone too complicated to explain.

Even I can’t figure out what’s going on half the time. And that’s why I created this.. blog… thingy.

I’m definitely not gonna be playing by the rules when it comes to “blogging”. If there even are rules. Ha.

But I’m just gonna be sharing whatever. Whether it’s insight, observations, encounters or even song recommendations. Because I listen to a lot of music haha.

And I’m going by an alias here. Tiffanie. Spelt with “I-E”, not “Y”. Because it irks me when people get that wrong.

So yeah. Welcome to my blog. Where I share with you the words I never say out loud.
*roll credits*