Time (or lack thereof)

Time. Isn't that something we all wish we had a bit more of? One more round of that video game. One last bite of a sandwich before running out the door. Five more minutes of sleep. Or 10. Or 30. You get my drift, I'm sure. But what about when you don't get that extra … Continue reading Time (or lack thereof)


Becoming Vulnerable

VULNERABILITY: The state of being vulnerable or exposed;                                   Susceptibility to injury or attack. It's something I've always been afraid of. Opening up to people. Saying what I'm really thinking. Giving my honest opinion. I don't want to be … Continue reading Becoming Vulnerable

Validate Me

"Hey, mom! We got our project marks back today", I buzzed excitedly, shrugging off my bag and joining her at the dining table. "That's nice dear, she replied, barely glancing up from her phone. A moment of silence passed, and I looked at her impatiently. "Well?" "What sweetie?" she mumbled, still tapping away on her … Continue reading Validate Me